Covetous Indulgence (Katie Holmes Series #2) by Erotic Storm & N.G. Venaglia

Covetous Indulgence: (Coming of Age, Older Man Younger Woman, Billionaire Heiress, Submission and Master) (The Katie Holmes Series Book 2) - EroticStorm, N.G. Venaglia, Sasha Monroe
Adult Content Strictly 18+ 

For those who like older-younger this series is for you. It’s not only age related, but an experienced man educating a naive, inexperienced woman, as James takes Katie down the path of submission and BDSM. 

This book “Covetous Indulgence” is the second in a series of books called “The Katie Holmes Series.” It follows on from the first book in this series “Carnal Submission.” The series will follow the adventures of this naive eighteen year old through her summer holidays. Katie’s the billionaire heir to her grandparents fortune and is the only child of an independently wealthy couple from North Carolina. 

In the first book of this series, she loses her virginity to James. This is just the start of her education and as the series develops, Katie will learn more and more about her own sexuality. This is just the first of many lessons that James will give her. In this book, she comes to learn why her parents hired him as her tutor for the six-week summer break. 

It’s not your normal sex education, however, her parents had their own reasons. This is something that will become obvious as the series unfolds. 

This book follows on from ‘Carnal Submission,’ contains graphic and very descriptive sex scenes, and includes older man-younger woman, cock-sucking, blow-job, spanking, 69, oral, anal, double penetration, nudity, first time. This is just the beginning of her education. 

I’m writing this series of books in the first person and from a females P.O.V. 
My Review
Again this second book to the series is even more amazing...I love the characters James & Katie even more then the first...This book gets more indepth with the BDSM Lifestyle...And again more very descriptive...I will definitely be back to read more by these 2 wonderful Authors...a special thank you again to the Authors Erotic Storm & N.G. Venaglia on such an amazing read :)

My Rating

*****5 SEXY STARS*****